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mcdonalds hamburgers are the worst. they are worse than burger king.

hello, i'm rosemary.

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non-binary | any pronouns | 18 | bi | infp | neurodivergent | pisces

oh my god i hate html and css. anyway hello my name is rosemary (or rosie/rose if you will) and i make terrible sites. i graduated from high school in june 2021 so i got lots of free time to code even if i aint good at it. i also like video games, cartoons, horror, movies, args, urban legends, and other stuff. i am rosemary walten irl/srs. yes i do deal with delusional attachments no you can't reality check me. it ain't your job. my biggest hyperfixation is the walten files and soon i will make small pixels of all the characters to be adoptable.

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