You will beautiful

One of my most favorite analog series of all time!! I love The Walten Files so much!! If you want to watch it, I will warn that it does have disturbing imagery and sensitive topics. My two favorite characters are Rosemary Walten (sounds egotistical since I am rosemary but shhh) and Sha!

There are a 2 non-canon episodes too. Boozoo's Ghost, a Christmas episode, and The Mysterious House, a Halloween episode. Boozoo's Ghost is a spoof of A Christmas Carol. Boozoo takes the role of Scrooge and is visited by 3 ghosts, but ends up being killed by the ghost of Christmas future (Named Mortality). THe Mysterious House is about 2 new characters named Duckie and Tammy, a duck and a wolf respectively. The two get caught in a house while trick or treating, both ending up dying to the Pumpkin Rabbit.